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1) Is CCA compulsory for all levels? 
        CCA is only compulsory from P3 to P6. We do allow P2 pupils to join CCAs too for those who wish to start earlier. Certain CCAs may have selection criteria as places are limited. CCAs may also have different starting time for certain levels due to the availability of resources.  P1 pupils do not have CCA.


CCA Achievements:
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2) How do pupils sign up for CCA? What is the entire process? 
        The pupils sign up by filling in 4 options for CCA via ASKNLEARN. Their names will be channelled to the CCA teachers in charge who will arrange for trials/selection tests within the 1st 2 weeks of school. If successful, your child will be informed of subsequent trainings through letters. If your child is unsuccessful, his name is given to the next option on his application. The process is repeated until the last option is exhausted and the name is then given back to the CCA department who will follow up with the child to select a new CCA or channel him/her to available CCAs. The 4 options should be completed by end Jan/early Feb. Remember, this entire process is online for P2-P6 pupils.  

3) Are pupils allowed to withdraw from CCA? Will he be penalize in anyway?
        Pupils are encouraged to stay with one CCA only from P3 onwards. Pupils, who switch CCAs later, would not have any payments refunded to you. A letter of explanation from parents to both CCAs affected will be required. Pupils leaving a CCA should seek permission to do so from their teacher in charge and seek their blessing to switch CCAs as a mark of courtesy to the teacher in charge. Pupils who do not have a three year record in one particular CCA will not be eligible for EAGLES award.

4) What advice could you give parents on transportation issues?
        Transportation on CCA days will be available at the 4.15pm slot. This arrangement will cater to the masses. However, certain CCAs that go on beyond 415pm (eg. netball, hockey,etc) will ask parents of these pupils to make alternative arrangements. The school has catered to one standard timing with the bus drivers and any other arrangements outside of the regular 4.15pm timing will require discussions with the respective CCA teachers and the bus operators if necessary.

5) Can my child join more than one CCA?
        We would advise against enrolling in too many CCAs as the child's day would be quite long. Also, we have to be fair to all our pupils and ensure that all have a place in a CCA. As such, if you were to signup for a second CCA you would need to make your intentions known to the first CCA teacher in charge personally. Emails can be found at the CCA blog. You will only be notified of your child's second CCA application once all the 1st time applicants have been assigned CCAs. For now, just fill in the form and try to add a cover note on your intentions.

6) Will there be swimming CCA for P2s?
        Swimming will not be offered as a CCA. All P3 pupils must undergo the Swimming module which will be part of their PE programme within curriculum time.

7) Are there qualifying criteria for CCAs?
        Yes for some CCAs. Sailing requires participants to be able to swim 50m with a lifejacket. Sports CCAs require clearance from School Health Services on child's physical condition. The Sports Club only accepts pupils who are not in competitive CCAs.

8) Do we have to pay for CCA? 
        It depends. All CCAs provide a basic level of CCA skills at no cost with the exception of Sailing (due to safety concerns and teacher competencies). Students will be given the option to co-pay with school in order to enjoy a higher level of training with certain CCAs. Fees will be capped at $100 - 150 per year (with the exception of Sailing) and is dependent on the number of students that signed up.

9) Can my child still join a CCA in the middle of the year?
        Yes but chances of getting into competitive CCAs will be slim. CCAs would already have learnt half a year’s work so pupils will find themselves very far behind in skill acquisition of that particular CCA.

10) Is there Golf and Swimming as a CCA? What is the external policy really mean?
        Our external CCA policy caters to our pupils who train with private coaches. We only register them for competitions and collate info for their report books. To give you an example, school swimmers taking part in National Competitions have to train 4 times a week, twice a day. Their commitment levels are very high but the school has no swimming team. As such, this policy will allow them to be recognised for their efforts. Now swimming was chosen based on the fulfilment of a few criteria such as their training commitments, the evidence of a strong interest group in the school who were already taking up the sport and the fact they could represent the school in the nationals or a sanctioned competition which made their achievements or participation easier to validate.  We are on the lookout for one or two more CCAs that can fulfill these criteria and also have a substantial number of pupils actively involved in such a CCA. Please refer to our school policy for the criteria for external CCAs to be recognised.

11) My daughter is interested in joining GB, does she need to pay for her GB uniform?
        A recruit’s first uniform is free-of-charge. However, she will need to pay for a new uniform if she out-grows it. She needs to pay for the GB T-shirt which the girls are required to wear on certain days.

12) My daughter is in Primary 4 and wishes to join GB, it is possible?
  Yes, we welcome all girls from primary 3 to 6 to join our CCA.

13) Our religion is not Christianity, so can my daughter join GB?
        Yes, we welcome all who are interested in joining GB.

Recent asked questions from parents:

A) Do competitive sports train twice a week?
        If you child makes it past the trials for that sport, be prepared to train at least twice a week due to the nature of competitive sports. Certain sports like Table-tennis and Hockey have different days for different levels to train. Space constraints and availability of equipment are some factors considered in our planning.

B) What sports are available for Sports Club? Where do they train?
        The sports change from year to year. The main three that will be available are Floorball, Basketball and Badminton as recreational sports. Pupils will be surveyed to see which choice of sport they prefer. Other sports could be considered if enough pupils are interested in it. 

C) What is the level of Swimming competency expected as part of the criteria to join Sailing?
        Pupils are expected to be able to swim 50m in a life jacket before being allowed to join Sailing. If they have a bronze or level 3 Swimsafer certification, this should suffice. During registration, it would be good to highlight the swimming proficiency level to the teacher in charge.

D) Which CCAs are for boys and which are for girls only?
        Boys' Brigade, Hockey and Volleyball are CCAs catered to boys only.
        Girls' Brigade and Netball are for girls only.  

E) What is the Sports Club programme all about?
        Sports Club is a CCA which provides recreational Sports for pupils who could not make it to a competitive sport. The club has 3 sports to choose from such as badminton, floor ball and basketball. Pupils interested will be asked to select the sport they want at the first session of Sports Club on the second week of school.