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Table Tennis

        Table Tennis has developed into a major worldwide sport with over 300 million members divided over many national associations. It is practiced by millions of people who play on a recreational level. Our school table tennis CCA hope to ride on this wave to promote the sport to our children. At the same, we hope our children can take part in school competitions. This is turn will help our pupils develop a life-long interest in this sport and develop in them good thinking and playing skills, focus and to have a healthy lifestyle.

CCA Achievements:

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Table Tennis is conducted on :

Level Day Time Venue
Grp 1, 2 and 4B Selected Mondays and Thursdays 2.15 – 3.45pm  Hildan Ark
Grp 3, 3B, 4A 3.45 – 5.15pm 
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The CCA Teachers are Mr Gordon Chua, Mr Wang Zhi Yong, Mr Yuen Ten, Mdm Shi Rui and Ms Lee Lay Eng.

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